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Name: Andrew the Hedgehog

Age: 16

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Gender: male

Spices: hedgehog

Weapon: keyblade (his keyblade is the fateful memory)

Teams joined: the The 7 Hedgehogs of Light, and G.U.N.,Team Light

Likes: his team, ice cream, being a keyblade user, and sonic and his friends.

Dislikes: Dr.Xiron and his dark hedgehog organization.

Overwiew Edit

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Andrew is a young hedgehog that was born in Hedgehog Town.Master Turbo and Dr.Xiron,that tought him how to use his Keyblade,and all the members of The 7 Hedgehogs of Light.

Hystory Edit

Andrew was born in the Hedgehog Town and he was best friends with Amy Rose,Nikki Ellidy,and his childhood friend Anita.He later encountred Dr.Xiron and Master Turbo (Before his Betralial) and they trained him to use a keyblade,and all the members of the 7 Hedgehogs of Light,and Andrew was the first member.This team was still active,even after Dr.Xiron betrayed them,and the birth of the Dark Hedgehog Organization.When Xiron was replaced by hi son Ziron,AKA Xero the Dark Renegade,Andrew became close friends with Nisa the Hedghehog.He also became part of G.U.N.,and the leader of Team Light unit.The members of this team are: Andrew Clark the Hedgehog,Nisa the Hedghehog,Officer Aleron the Hedgehog.