Name: Chip The Hedgehog (Not from Sonic Unleashed)

15 - 2 (1)

Age: Ageless

Species: Cypher

Gender: Male

Powers: Cypher Powers. Super Speed, Super Strength, Flight, Cypher Beams, Cypher Blast, Every Combat Skill, Cypher Flames

Likes: Pizza, Friends, Jokes, Mountain Des

Dislikes: Villains, Dropping Pizza , Spilling Mountain Dew

Personality: Is laid back and chill. Loves cracking jokes. Is caring towards others and is always gonna help someone in need. I get serious when it is needed

Occupation: Hero, Master Chyper

Overwiew Edit

15 - 1 (2)

Chip the Hedgehog is not to be confused with Light Gaia,from Sonic Unleashed.He is from a civilization called The Chypers.

Hystory Edit

Chip is from a civilazation called the Chypers.The Black Arms attacked his family when he was small,and he was separated from them.Years later he grew up searching for his past.But now he's saving the world from the everprsent denger.