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Name: Keras The Hedgehog

Species: Water Hedgehog 

Age: 16-18

Gender: Female

Powers: Water manipulation,Aquakenisis

Abilities: can control water, turn into water, blow bubbles from her hands, water kick, rain tornado, soaking Wind 

Likes: Friends, sunsets, scaring people, spiders

Dislikes: Thunder, Evil creatures, robots

Transformations: can turn into water

Weapons: none

Overwiew Edit

Keras is a special tipe of hedgehog.A Water Hedgehog,hedgehogs that can turn into water,and manipulate it.They also posess a special ability called Aquakenisis.Keras grew up as an orphan,and she used her powers to protect herself from the everpresent danger.Water Hedgehogs,like Keras,fear thunder,since it damages theyr body even more that a Chaos Blast .Keras is a very curius hedgehog.An dosen't pay much attention,but does her best to concentrate.


Keras grew up as an orphan,and used her powers to protect herself and friends in need,though she has been damaged by thunder.