Name: Luna

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Gender: Female

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Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog/Fairy

Hometown: Demalion

Abilities: Teleporting, healing, magic, seeing visions, turning invisible, unleashing light

Likes: Nature, friends, peace, good people

Dislikes: Bad people, destruction

Super forms: Super, Eternal, Rainbow

Overwiew Edit

Luna is a sixteen year old hedgehog/fairy hybrid that is also known as the "Guardian of the Super Crystals".

History Edit

Luna was born in a kingdom of fairies.One day,when she was only a child,her father sacrificed himself to save her from darkness.At the age of six,her mother brought her to Demalion,before she died in a battle.For a long time,Luna sufferd a lot of pain,but was found by two guardians at a field of flowers.They took her into the kingdom and they rased her as a fairy.At the age of twelve,the king of Demalion noticed her skills and abilities,and named her as the new "Guardian of the Super Crystals".But,soon after,a dark creature known as "Drago" destroyed the kingdom,leaving Luna as the only survivor.Young Warriors sealed Drago to another dimension,via a Genesis Portal and saved her just in time.Since then,Luna is waiting for the next chosen ones,but also sweared to take revenge on darkness.