Paul the Hedgehog 2015 (Gothic) with ghosts and ghouls

Name: Paul the Hedgehog

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Powers: Chaos powers

Weapons: Leafblade Sword (which turns into the Angel Sword and Galaxy Sword)

Personality: Serious though sometimes insane

Forms: Super, Hyper, Angel, Ultimate, Full-Power Ultimate, Super Mobian God, and the most powerful form of all, Maximum Ultimate

Likes: Eating his favorite foods (like cheeseburgers and french fries), hanging out with his Vengeful Brigade, fighting evil, even fighting his purple anti Grinder just for fun

Dislikes: Being hated/misused, being alone, letting the bad guys win, seeing his own Vengeful Brigade get hurt, and his anti Grinder being stronger than him

Overwiew Edit

Paul the Hedgehog is the king of Gigonica City.Some know him as tje "Legendary Ultimate Swordsman".His family was knilled by his evil twin.Now Paul is here because his twin created the I.F.M. (AKA Interdimensional Fusion Machine),and now he is tryng to stop his twin and his reign of darkness.He also has an anti from Moebius named Grinder the Hedgehog.

Hystory Edit

When Paul was only a kid,he experienced his evil counterpart,Dark Paul kill his family.He was traumatized by that.He sought refuge with his butler Jeeves,to Rosie Woodchuck,nanny to the rising heroes,the Freedom Fighters.When he was grown up,Paul returned to Gigonica City,formerly a village.Dark Paul used his own invention,the I.F.M.,to unite the worlds across the multiverse.Paul will stop at nothing until Dark Paul and his Dark Empire are destroyed.