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Name: tails the dark fox (wolf) Edit

Age: 13

Species: fox/wolf

Powers: chaos powers, teleportation, fire powers, and a whole lot more

Forms: dark, super, hyper

Likes: friends

Dislikes: haters

Overewiew Edit

Tails is a fox/wolf hybrid and she has unique powers.She has a brother named Zonic the Hedgehog,who taught her how to use her powers.

Hystory Edit

Tails was abandoned by her parents at the age of two.Her brother,Zonic the Hedgehog,found her at the age of five;but she had to learn to look after herself for three years,and he trained her in fighting and taught her how to be a spy.She was found by Gilber Colin Jr. and Rainbow Dash,that 'adopted' her in some way.She is now an eccelent fighter and a good spy.She now works for the Spy Network.