2015-10-14 - 1

Name: Zorra The Dark

Age: 3 547

Likes: family, magic, The Time And Space people, happiness, freedom

Dislikes: Devilish, sadness, The Endless Crystal 

Abilities: witchcraft/magic

Relationship status: Married

Family: Mepholtius The Dark, Derek The Dark, Mephistus The Dark stepmother to Mephistus (believe me... This is a family!!!! :D)

Weapons:..... Magic?!.... 

Bio: years, years, years ago. This little soul was born as the youngest. She had one brother and one sister. Unfortunately, a black hedgehog that was Corrupted, killed her parents and her brother. She managed to save her sister and she herself survived the massacre. She then started working for The King of Deadly Evil. She later on fell in love with Mepholtius. Also known as the best Pirate in the world.  After Zorra started working for Devilish, she got punished by The Time and Space people. The ones she works with to keep the balance between Time and Space.

They locked her into The Endless Crystal. The worst torture of all! 

Later they let her out.. But used magic to give her the left black eye to remind her not to brake the Rules of Eternity.

Mepholtius later on fell in love with a merhog. Of course, Zorra got heartbroken and got alone. Tho she stayed friends with Mepholtius! 

Later, 10 years before the time we're in now, the merhog died by a decease.  Zorra later on got together with Mepholtius. And then they got a child named Derek. Derek is cousins with Veseo Marblestone.

Then Zorra and Mepholtius got married. And who knows what'll happen next? 

Personality: kind, caring, kind of short tempered, loving and helpful. A powerful warrior and a great friend.